Activities In and Around the                                   Big South Fork

Established in 1974, The Big South Fork was designated as both a National Recreation Area and a National River. The National Recreation Area designation was deemed appropriate due to the area’s proximity to a large number of metropolitan areas and the potential the area exhibited for outdoor recreational activities.


While still managing Big South Fork in such a manner as to protect the area’s natural and cultural resources, the park is also managed in a way which will provide visitors with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of healthy outdoor recreational activities.

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Horseback Riding
The Big South Fork is often refered to as the Horseback Riding Capital of the Eastern United States. Explore hundreds of miles of trails!

  Mountain Biking
The Big South Fork is a Mountain Bike Mecca. In addition to bike only trails, mountain bikes are allowed on highway edges, backcountry roads and horse trails.

For city-dwellers accustomed to seeing only a handful of stars, Big South Fork?s star-laden skies can be dazzling and a little intimidating.
Hiking is one of the most popular and rewarding activities in the Big South Fork.

Big South Fork is one of only a few National Park Service units legislated to allow hunting. Popular big game species found within the park are Whitetail Deer, Turkey and Wild Boar.

The Big South Fork has a rich cultural history. Scenic views, abundant wildlife and lush a forest habitat make the area ideal for photographers - Amateur and Proffesional!
The Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and it's tributaries offer visitors a variety of whitewater paddling opportunities.

Fishing has proven to be a popular recreational activity in the Big South Fork.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area contains five developed campgrounds which are intended to meet the needs of almost any camper visiting the park.